Journées d'Enghien

6, 7 et 8 novembre 2013

Schéma général


Mercredi 6 Novembre      



Rencontres nationales françaises

Jeudi 7 Novembre Matin


Rencontres nationales françaises

Jeudi 7 novembre



European scientific medical meeting


Vendredi 8 Novembre


European symposium : Crenobalneotherapy in Europe, present and future (1)

Vendredi 8 novembre


European symposium : Crenobalneotherapy in Europe, present and future (2)


Jeudi 7 novembre  

European Medical Scientific Meeting

State of the Art

Evidence in Crenobalneotherapy of Rheumatic Conditions


Basic issues            

  • Hydro-thermal products and cares for crenobalneotherapy of rheumatic conditions, the scientific evidence. A Françon et R Forestier (France)
  • Mechanisms of action of crenobalneotherapy in rheumatic diseases, the scientific evidence. A Fioravanti (Italy)
  • The specific therapeutic role of the mineral elements, the evidence. T Bender (Hungary)

Clinical approach

  • Crenobalneotherapy for mechanical conditions of the limbs and of the back, the evidence. Z Karagülle (Turkey)     
  • Crenobalneotherapy for inflammatory chronic rheumatic diseases, the evidence.
  • Crenobalneotherapy for patients with fibromyalgia, the evidence. M Berteanu (Romania)      

Moderators : F. Teixera (Portugal), I. Ponikowska (Poland), X. Michaeli (Greece)

Vendredi 8 novembre

Crenobalneotherapy in Europe, present and future

Session 1 : Crenobalneotherapy Medicine in Europe

      • Basic sciences and balneology. M Vitale (Italy)

      • Crenobalneotherapy medicine a complex therapeutic intervention, from health care center to health resort. C Gutenbrünner (Germany)

       • Doctors and health professions involved in crenobalneotherapy, practice and training. F Maraver (Spain), P Cantista (Portugal) and a representative of  SFMT (Société Française de Médecine Thermale).


Session 2 : Organization, regulation and funding of crenobalneotherapy in Europe

       • Regulation and definition of mineral waters. P Vigouroux (BRGM)

       • Crenobalneotherapy care facilities’ legal  operating frame-work. Federterme representative.

       • Contractors’ organization. Laura Natali.

       • Macro-economic data of crenobalneotherapy in Europe. J. Lieber (European Spas Association)

       • The funding of crenobalneotherapic cares in Europe. CE Bouvier (France)      

Session 3 : Circulation of patients and professional in Europe and crenobalneotherapy

       • Vocational exercise (doctors, allied professions) : the european regulation

       • The european directive on cross-border cares and crenobalneotherapy

           - Administrative and legal dimensions. Mrs Testori Coggi (USA)/A Santuari

           - Parliamentary dimension. Françoise Grossetête, European deputy (Medecine with particular expertise)

 Summary and prospect

            - CF Roques (France)